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How does the booking process work with Calenzy?

1. The client visits your site and clicks on the "Book an Appointment" button
2. Calenzy displays a list of your services, along with their duration and pricing
3. Once the service is chosen, the client can select a date and time based on your availability
4. The client provides their personal information: name, surname, email address, and optionally a message for you
5. You receive a booking notification via email or in the Calenzy app
6. You confirm the appointment with a single click or modify it if needed
7. The appointment is automatically added to your calendar, and the time slot will no longer be available
8. It's as simple as that. Your schedule fills up even while you sleep!

What is included in Calenzy?

- An online calendar with an appointment scheduling system
- A website with your own content in just a few clicks
- Email and SMS notifications for your clients (confirmation, reminders, follow-ups for appointments)
- Simplified client file management to add notes and ensure proper follow-up
- A newsletter module for easily sending email and SMS campaigns to all your contacts

How do I change the content of my site?

From your dashboard, go to Website and simply add content in the section of your choice. No technical knowledge of programming is required, that's Calenzy's job.

How do I change my availability?

From your dashboard, go to Schedule and add the necessary information. Your calendar will be automatically updated on your website.